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iPhone Glass Screen Protector - Is it Better Than Plastics?

iphone 7 screen protector tempered glass

For individuals who love their iPhones, which most householders with this device do! Ensuring its safety holds paramount importance. Protecting it using a screen guard/protector is quintessential for your long life and effective usage of your iPhone. Plastic screen protectors are a great way to shield your phone from sticky fingertips, scratches, chips and stuff like that. However, in terms of safeguarding the iPhone screen against cracks and breakage, the normal plastic covering simply wouldn't result in the cut. You need a much tougher guardian - one that may protect your device's screen against a myriad of physical damage, impacts and cracks. This protector is 'Tempered Glass'. Let's study why these glass are suggested over plastics for shielding your iPhone screen.

About Tempered Glass Screens Protectors
As the name indicates, this screen protector saves your iPhone screen of the many day wear and tear, which makes it look clean and fresh on a regular basis. Tempered glass protects the touch screen from direct external damage and scratches. It's 5 times stronger than regular plastic screen guards. They're heat-resistant and can absorb maximum impact in the event you drop your iPhone down, thereby protecting the screen from damage.

Tempered Glass vs Plastic Screen Guards

Toughness & Impermeability
Tempered glass are sturdier than their plastic counterparts. You will see that plastic screen protectors (especially the cheaper varieties) are highly at risk of getting cloudy and scratched unlike tempered glass that may be retained a bit longer. Normally the thickness of tempered glass for an iPhone is just about 0.3-0.5 mm even though the plastic screen protectors are around 0.1mm - the previous as a tougher, more impermeable selection for your phone.

Touch & feel
The best quality tempered glass will permit your fingers to slide conveniently on the screen, providing you with the design of the initial touchscreen display. However, plastic screen guards are slightly rough to start with, and the friction is constantly on the increase as the covering experiences regular usage and rough handling. Cloudy patches on plastic protection is a typical occurrence, especially in places where the screen is most often touched.

Installation process
People who have already experienced the plastic screen protector can relate to this point - they are going to know how cumbersome it really is to set up and gaze after. Removing air bubbles is just too exhausting! Alternatively, glass screen protectors are available in full-adhesive or bezel-adhesive varieties and therefore are pretty useful to install. DIY too, is effective with glass.

Product Pricing
Based on the quality and variant of iPhone (5,5s, 4s, 6 etc.) which you own, you are able to pay somewhere around $2 (for that lowest quality) till $35 (the top class variety) for screen protectors, whereas the plastic screen protectors can be obtained at a cost range from $1 to $10. This high price of the iPhone glass is because of the standard material and technologies utilized in manufacture like Oleo phobic coating (to lessen fingerprints).

Post by iphonescreenprotector99 (2017-01-30 07:09)

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